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Belt Graduations


Karate Belt Graduation Q & A

As you continue your training, it is important for you to understand our requirements for Black Belt, which are as follows:

  • 5 years minimum of continuous training (including summer)
  • Mastery of all basics
  • 12 Ryukyu Kempo open hand kata
  • 3 weapons kata (Bo, Nunchucku, Sai)
  • Proficiency in sparring
  • Knowledge of Ryukyu Kempo’s history and methods.
  • Demonstrates effort, character, self-control and etiquette in all walks of life


Students are evaluated on an individual basis for their skill, effort, commitment and perseverance.  A student will only qualify for Black Belt testing if they are putting forth 100% effort.  All testing is done based on the aptitude and ability of the individual student, with 100% effort being the goal.


Review the letters below for information on your students future testing:

White Belt

White Belt with Blue Stripe

White Belt with Purple Stripe

White Belt with Green Stripe

Green Belt


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