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There is no talking in class unless you have been recognized by an instructor by raising your hand or using the phrase “Excuse me Sensei”.

There is no playing around allowed in class.

You should respond with “Yes Sir!” “No Sir!” or “Yes Ma’am!” “No Ma’am!” when an instructor asks you a direct question. This is the ultimate form of respect for our professional instructors.

Bow in and out of class before entering or leaving the Dojo. If you need to leave during class, ask permission from your instructor and bow before exiting and returning to the class.

Do not allow your belts to drag on the floor. If you are not wearing your belt it belongs in your workout bag and not laying around the Dojo. If you do not respect your belt it might not be yours for long!

Take care of your uniform, keep it clean and tidy and make sure to have your patches on.

If you are feeling sick, or hurt yourself prior to class, please let the Instructors know before training.

No food or gum chewing is allowed in class during a training session.

No profanity is allowed.

Please remove all Jewelry before starting your training session for safety reasons, wedding rings are allowed, but be careful with any slaps or grabs.

There is No Smoking allowed in the Dojo.

Head instructors will be addressed by Sensei followed by their last name. Any other instructors may be addressed as Mr or Ms followed by their first name.

Respect everyone, even more so for those of higher rank, those who are your elders, especially your instructors, and most of all your parents or legal guardians!

Never ask for your next rank. A head instructor will tell you when you are ready to test. Asking this can be disrespectful and rude.

Do not adjust your uniform while facing an instructor. If you need to adjust yourself ask permission first, then turn around to do so.

Do not make fun of, pick on, or put down anyone.

Use 100% effort for every task you do. In the dojo and outside of it.


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