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Dance Attire Requirements

Welcome to Allstars Dance Studio!!

Q: What does my student need to wear to his/her dance class?

A: Find the style of dance that your student is in below for requirements. Boys’ requirements can be found at the bottom of each section.


We now sell DANCE SHOES! 

Ask your student’s dance instructor to be sized.

Purchase your required shoes here.

Returning students from our 2018-2019 season: the required shoes from last year will work. If your student has grown out of their shoes, please ask your instructor to be sized.



Ballet & Pre-Ballet

Hair: All ages must have their hair in a bun

Leotard: Classses for students Ages 3-5 & 5-7 can wear any dance leo

Classes for students Ages 7-10 & 10+ must wear a black or pink leotard

Tights: All ages must wear Capezio color Ballet Pink

Bottoms: All ages ballet skirts are optional. Ages 3-5 can wear dance tutus

Shoes: Ask your instructor to be sized

       Boys: All ages must wear plain white t-shirt or tank top. They must wear slim fit black pants and black athletic shorts. No long or baggy basketball shorts.



Hair: All ages must wear their hair in a ponytail

Leotard: All ages must wear any colored leotard

Tights: All ages Capezio Light Sun Tan full footed tights

Bottoms: All ages have the option to wear black shorts. The shorts must be tight, nothing baggy. Leggings and dance pants are not allowed.

Shoes: Ask student’s instructor to be sized

Boys: Black athletic pants with a t-shirt or tank top. Ask instructor to be sized


Hip Hop/Funkercise

Hair: All ages must wear their hair in a ponytail

Top: All ages can wear a leotard or tight plain shirt

Bottoms: All ages must wear leggings or dance pants; NO SHORTS

Shoes: Scuff-less tennis shoes (closed toe.) No black soled shoes, or slips on. Tennis shoes must velcro closed or lace-up. *No wet shoes will be allowed in the studios.

       Boys: All aged boys must wear any plain color t-shirt. They must wear black athletic pants. Shoes should be scuff-less tennis shoes (same requirements as the girls.)



Hair: All ages must wear their hair in a ponytail.

Leotard: All ages must wear any colored leotard.

Tights: Capezio – Transition Tights – Light Sun Tan 

Bottoms: tight shorts (any color is allowed)

Shoes: bare-foot

       Boys: same as jazz/tap with bare-feet.


Combo Class

Hair: All ages must have their hair in a ponytail/bun.

Leotard: All ages can wear any color leotard.

Tights: Capezio Lt. Suntan colored full footed tights. If your student is in a lyrical class please have them wear their convertible/transition tights.

Bottoms: All ages have the option of wearing black shorts or just their leotard and tights.

Shoes: New students can go barefoot, if tights are worn we ask that they wear the Jazz required shoe or ballet required shoe. Ask instructor to be sized.

Boys: Same as jazz.




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