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Martial Arts, simply put, is an art of combat. For this reason (self-defense, law enforcement, military, etc.) a martial artist is anyone who has studied combat.

How do I benefit from a martial art?
Martial arts provide the student with development of the body and the mind through, good exercise, understanding self-defense, developing coordination, acquiring timing, developing precision, improve overall health, decrease stress, increase your power, flexibility, and bring more dexterity. It has quite diverse benefits, and the benefits are for everyone!

What styles do we Teach?
Ryukyu Academy teaches:

Ryukyu Kempo – An Okinawan martial art that uses kata and pressure points for self-defense.

Modern Arnis – A Filipino martial art that uses sticks, knives and empty hand for self-defense.

Small Circle Jujitsu – A Hawaiian martial art that uses locks, grabs and holds for self-defense.


How long will it take to become proficient?
As with any thing a student learns, proficiency comes from practice, practice, practice.  Most students within 6 months feel comfortable with the basic self defense techniques and have a feel for the motions and transitions.

How long will it take to become a black belt?
The Ryukyu Academy is a traditional school and it takes 3 1/2 years to be eligible to test for a Black Belt.  It is the minimum time allowed and most people are able to accomplish that.

How often should I attend class?
As much as possible!  Two days a week is often enough to ensure good consistent education and practice with a qualified instructor.

How often should I practice?
Daily practice is a sure way to make certain that what you are learning becomes a good foundation for additional techniques.  Practicing doesn’t have to be for long periods of time. Every day for 10 or 15 minutes is ample for most people.

What are the chances of getting injured?
Very low!  Our philosophy is that “We all have to go to work in the morning”.  Here at Ryukyu Academy we take steps to ensure that there are as few injuries as possible. With any contact sport there is a chance of injury, but training under qualified instructors in a friendly manner with protective gear ensures the chances for injury are very low.  Everyone works at the level of force they decide is appropriate.

What are patterns or forms?
See Kata

What are the ranks/belts?
We have a 15 belt system from white to black and then from there, there are 10 ranks of black. Getting to black is only the beginning, that’s when you’re a master of the basics and are able to start tying concepts together to improve your techniques.

Who do I go to if I have a question, comment, or concern?
The chief instructor, Gary Brincat,  will ALWAYS be happy to address any questions, comments, or concerns from student and parent alike. For any questions or concerns while class is not being held you may visit our contact page for more contact information.