3275 Martin Rd. Suite #125
Commerce Township, MI 48390

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What People Are Saying About Ryukyu Academy Karate in Commerce, Michigan


“Thank you for bringing such wonderful seminars and leaders to the kids!”
Loriann F. – Mom of Karate Student


“Thank you once again for the wonderful experience last night. I knew he liked the class when he ran up to me when it was done with a big smile and said, “I really like it – can I take classes?” AND then of course when he broke that block of wood, oh my goodness, as a parent I almost cried seeing how proud he was of himself. He kept saying driving home, “Did I really do that? That was wood Mom!” and he ran in the house to immediately show his Dad and his sister. Just that one class was a great confidence booster.”
-Mom of 3rd grade karate student


“Karate taught me not to be scared. Karate has also taught me speed and power. Karate makes me feel free. Sometimes I feel locked up inside. I do karate and feel free again. Karate has taught me if you think you can do it you can do it. Karate has also taught me if you get angry take three breaths and let your anger leave your body. Karate has taught me rythym with my body. Karate has taught me that the slightest details count. I used to think people did karate for fun, but it is so much more. Karate is all about respect. You need to respect your instructors, the students, and the dojo. But most of all karate has taught me never give up.”
-Gabrielle (age 9)- current student