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The Words of Wisdom Character Enhancement Program, also known as WOW*, was created and developed by two educators who understand the important roll that teachers and coaches play in the lives of the children they teach. They want to give other instructors the tools necessary to easily and successfully help students learn and develop character traits that will last them a life time. The easy to follow WOW talks and activity sheets are fun and engaging for a wide range of students. They have been used with students ages 3 years and up and have shown to be simple to implement and wildly successful. It only takes a little time to make a big impression; make sure it is the right one!

“Coaches are, first and foremost, teachers; they are among the most influential people in a young athlete’s life. Because coaches are such powerful role models, young athletes learn more from them about character than about athletic performance.”
-Dr. Mike (

At American Allstars Athletic Center we believe in teaching more than great flips, twists, and turns. We want to capitalize on the wonderful opportunity you have given us to positively impact your child by helping them become both mentally and physically strong. The WOW program will be incorporated into gymnastics and karate class to help your child explore and develop desirable character traits. The concepts and lessons covered in class will not only help them with their athletic endeavors, but will serve them in the classroom, at home, with friends, in the work place, and for a life time.

Our instructors will engage students in a group discussion during each class. The WOW talk will be age appropriate and will help students understand the word of the month, its definition, how it applies to their life, and why it is an important concept. Every week we will discuss a new topic, which will answer the big questions of Who, What, When, Where, Why & How. Coaches will nominate a WOW student each month who will be recognized on the WOW board in the main lobby area.

The WOW program is a proven system that was created specifically for students by 2 coaches who each have their education degrees and have many years of experience working with kids in the gym and in the classroom.

We can’t wait to WOW you! We will show you the positive impact that the WOW program will have on your child. We are committed to strengthening character from the inside out. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask any one of our qualified instructors.


American Allstars Instructors & Staff

*WOW is a registered trademark of American Allstars