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Adult Pressure Points

Pressure Points are possibly the most misunderstood and misapplied aspect of Martial Arts.

When a person goes to a neurologist to get examined, the first test a doctor does is to strike the lower portion of the knee with a rubber mallet. If the person has a healthy neurological system the leg jumps. The reason the leg jumps is that the doctor is striking a pressure point, and the reaction to this hit is universally known and recognized. Hitting a person on the knee in that spot and the leg will jump. At Ryukyu Academy, we teach students the locations and methods of activation of 100’s of these places on the human body. For each of them a know reaction will occur; sometimes the knees bend, sometimes the head turns, and sometimes the person feels great pain (but without injury) all depending on which pressure point. When pressure points are manipulated in combinations of multiple points the person can become disoriented and even momentarily lose muscle control or coordination.

Pressure points are safe and effective; a pressure point is defined as, anywhere a nerve ends, a nerve forks (splits), or where multiple nerve cross. The methods of pressure point activation are touch, rub, and strike. Knowing the specific locations, the angle and direction to manipulate it, and the method of activation to produce the response you want are all taught as a significant part of Ryukyu Kempo.

Our instructor 10th degree, Grand Master George Dillman has written 7 books on the subject of Pressure Points, 4 of these books are on display at the Okinawan Karate Museum.
“Pressure Point Fighting Secrets of Ryukyu Kempo”, “Kyusho-Jitsu”, “Advanced Pressure Point Fighting”, “Advanced Pressure Point Grappling”, “Pressure Point Karate Made Easy”, and “Humane Pressure Point Self-Defense”

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