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CLOSED: June 28 - July 5

M: 9:30 AM - 7:30 PM

T & Th 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM

W & F: 9:30 AM -  4:00 PM

S: Closed

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September 2022-June 2023

Enrollment starts July 6!

Our recreational gymnastics program for children 2 – 6.5 years of age offers a variety of fun filled themed lesson plans each week that incorporate “Just for Kids” equipment on the floor, balance beams, bars and our inflatable trampoline. Each week gymnasts will start off with a warm-up followed by skill circuits that incorporate each of the events.  Some of the skills your child will gain from this program are: sharing, taking turns, self-esteem, and following directions. They will be developing strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. These are all key elements, which will help children with future sports and other activities. Our coaches will teach children in an energetic and safe environment where every child can have fun while progressing at their own pace.

(Season runs through the end of June, but you can register at ANYTIME!)

Mini Stars

Goal Sheet

Ages: 2 to 4 years

This is a PARENT / TOT class that serves as a wonderful opportunity for children to bond with the adult heroes in their life. Coaches will instruct the adults and kids through demonstrations on specialized “Just for Kids” equipment. There will be multiple stations set up at each event so that everyone gets the most out of each lesson. NO CELL PHONES are allowed in class for texting or phone calls. It is important that the parent is able to focus solely on the student during the entire class. This class has a ratio of 1 adult: 1 child.

Monday – 5:30 to 6:10 PM

Tuesday – 10:45 to 11:25 AM; 5:30 to 6:10 PM

Saturday – 9:30 to 10:10 AM



Goal Sheet

Ages: 4 – 5.5 yrs

Children will participate in this class without their parent. They will work on specialized “Just for Kids” apparatus to learn skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, beginning cartwheels, walking in different directions on the balance beams, bent arm hangs and front supports on the bars.

Monday – 4:45 to 5:25 PM

Tuesday – 10:00 to 10:40 AM; 11:30-12:10; 6:15 to 6:55 PM

Wednesday –  5:45 to 6:25; 6:30 to 7:10 PM

Thursday – 4:45 to 5:25; 5:30 to 6:10 PM

Saturday – 9:30 to 10:10 AM; 10:15 to 10:55 AM; 11:15 to 11:55 PM


Little Twisters

Goal Sheet

Ages: 5.5 to 6.5 yrs

This is a 40 minute long class taught in Gym 2 where students will learn the proper fundamentals of gymnastics. Our fun filled weekly lesson plans will help keep students interested and excited about learning the basics of great gymnastics. We will instruct students on the floor exercise, balance beams, bars, and vault. They will also use our inflatable trampoline.

Monday – 6:15-6:55 PM

Tuesday – 4:45 to 5:25 PM

Wednesday – 4:45 to 5:25 PM

Thursday – 4:45 to 5:25; 6:15 to 6:55 PM

Saturday – 12:00 to 12:40 PM





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