Closed for Spring Break

Mon. March 27 - Sat. April 1

Summer Enrollment Starts April 5th for current students

Open summer enrollment starts April 10th

3275 Martin Rd. Suite # 125
Commerce Township, MI 48390
Phone: (248) 668-9805

Lesson Plans

  • During warm-ups, make sure that all coaches are introduced.  Go over the rules and etiquette of the gym.
  • One coach should be stretching and other coaches should be walking around and talking to the kids.  Don’t forget the WOW talk!
  • Have the students tell you something they learned before they leave the gym!
  • Remember to HAVE FUN and enjoy being a positive influence to all of your students!!!

SPRING {March 20-25} only 1 week “A”

CIRCUS {April 3-15} “A”


ST. PATRICK’S DAY {March 6-18} “B”


Disney Fitness Challenge {Jan 9 – 21} “B”


Hawaiian Luau {Sept 19- Oct 1} “A”

*Mini Stars & Hoppers Video

*High Flyers & Starlights Video


Happy Birthday American Allstars {Sept 6 – 17} “B”

*Mini Stars & Hoppers Video




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