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American All Stars Michigan

Adult Ryukyu Kempo (Karate)

Ryukyu Kempo is Okinawan empty hand self-defense. It is one of the best forms of very effective and highly efficient self-defense. Balancing fitness and self-defense, this class does kata and sparring along with techniques to develop a well-rounded martial artist. Ryukyu Kempo is known for its use of pressure point techniques. Trial Classes are Available

Adult Small Circle Jujitsu

Small Circle Jujitsu focuses on self defense grappling. Students study and interpret body mechanics to leverage an opponent.  Small Circle teaches the student how to control any attacker regardless of size, without ever having to strike the opponent. It will allow the student to control the situation through use of locks, holds, escapes, and counters. This class focuses on self-defense through grabs and locks rather than through strikes or kata.

Ryukyu Adult Karate
Weapons Class

The ancient kobudo weapons of Bo, Nunchuku and Sai are just some of the weapons that can be learned in our weapons class. Coordination and focus are really brought into high gear as students learn the weapons basics and kata for each weapon. Padded sword fighting and strength training are also a part of the weapons training.

Cardio Kickboxing

The Cardio Kickboxing class is a great way to get in shape or get an awesome cardiovascular workout. For Adults, this class packs nonstop action with fun and exciting movements from kickboxing. You will definitely see a difference in your physique.

Chi Gong/Tai Chi

The Chi Gong and Tai Chi class is designed to promote health with low impact and smooth movements designed to give a greater range of motion. By working through each joint in their full range of motion, this class balances the body’s energy and gives a boost to any who practice. This class is great for all ages and especially good for anyone who is physically disabled or recovering from an injury.