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American Allstars Team Options

Performance Team

The American Allstars Performance Team is exclusively offered to recreational gymnasts currently enrolled in a Hot Shots, Starlights, Starbrights, Minibursts, Starbursts, or Super Stars class.  This is a NON-COMPETITIVE team that students can join!  Gymnasts will learn choreography, routines, dance techniques, rules of performance, and more in their Performance Team class!  Students will also have the opportunity to perform in Fun Meets that are offered throughout the year.  Click HERE to learn more!

Competitive Team

The American Allstars Xcel Program allows gymnasts to participate in a year-round competitive gymnastics program without a huge weekly time commitment. Our program requires a one year contract (July – June) and is designed to challenge and encourage each gymnast physically, mentally, and emotionally so they can reach their full gymnastics potential. Gymnasts will increase their inner strength, teamwork skills, self-control, dedication and focus. All of these attributes will help them excel in the gym, the classroom and in life.

At American Allstars we put a great emphasis on correct technique and proper progressions. Our coaches will help gymnasts develop the necessary physical and mental strength to participate in a competitive program. Much time will be spent developing and mastering basic skills, body positions, strength training, balance, and flexibility which are all keys to longevity and advancement in the sport of gymnastics.


Xcel Levels

USA Gymnastics is the governing body of gymnastics in the United States and the Xcel Competitive program and its competitions are sanctioned through them. This program was created by USA Gymnastics as an alternative to the USA Gymnastics Developmental Program (levels 1-10). The Xcel program allows gymnasts to meaningfully participate in gymnastics and gives them an incentive to improve their abilities while still having time to take part in other activities outside of the gym.

There are 5 levels in the USAG Xcel program; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Gymnasts will be evaluated on their skills, technique, and execution. They will then be placed in the level where the coaches feel they will be successful. The quality of the skills is more important then the quantity of skills. To be eligible to compete each gymnast must have a USAG Athlete Membership. The competitive season contains approximately 5 in-state competitions, which start in November and finish in May with a Region 5 meet. This is an invitation only program where we pull our members from our Starbursts and Super Stars classes.

If you are interested in more information about the Xcel Program please call Team Director – Amy Kinney at (248) 668-9805 or e-mail amy@americanallstarskids.com.


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