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Team Training

Give your athletes the competitive EDGE that comes with off-season conditioning. Our workouts are developed to increase SPEED, AGILITY, QUICKNESS and ATHLETIC POWER which are the key components in athletic performance. We have developed conditioning programs for athletes participating in soccer, football, basketball and baseball just to name a few!

Our workout plans include High Intensity Interval Training, functional resistance training, plyometrics, and core conditioning. Workouts are designed to engage participants at a constant and challenging pace for 45 minutes to an hour.  And we use Ninja Warrior Elements to keep the athletes interested and to give them a full body agility workout.  Ninja Warrior Training translates well to any sport by giving the athlete better body awareness and control.

RESULTS are the name of the game! We test athletes at the beginning of each training program and periodically throughout to show results not only the athlete but parents as well. Athletes participating in our programs have increased their tested performance by an average of 20%!

Injury prevention is as important as athletic performance. Athletes are coached on proper body positions for power and protection. Since each sport has different dangers the drills and exercises vary depending on the sport.

Help your athlete kick it up a notch with this fun, empowering, and challenging conditioning class!

Contact: Coach Carey @ 248-668-9805 for more information



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