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Dance FAQs

Q. How did The Art of Dance begin?

The Art of Dance was founded by its Director, Melissa Wheeler in 2003. Years of record growth and hundreds of awards simply speak for themselves. Mrs. Melissa started the studio with a simple mission statement… “We want not only to teach children a quality dance program but also to teach children self-confidence, self-worth, determination and perseverance. We want to touch the life of every child and teach them they have something unique to offer the world if only they have the courage to dream and the determination to make their dream come true.” 


Q. What are the class descriptions?

Funkarinas – Dancers will fuse the technique of Ballet with the fun and exciting energy of Hip Hop. Students also learn classroom etiquette
such as raising your hand, taking turns, and respecting others. This class will incorporate  self-awareness, creative expression, imagination, basic
body/health awareness, and teamwork through a variety of teaching methods. These classes are upbeat and stimulating. Drawing on the child’s wonderful imagination and boundless energy, the exercises are taught through song, story and role-playing.

Ballet – Learn the classical art of Ballet from professionally trained instructors. Our classes inspire the love of movement through awareness and respect for the body. We emphasize careful technical training that will enhance all physical endeavors (i.e. Tap/Jazz/Modern dance, soccer, gymnastics, etc.). We strive to nurture the desire to move joyfully and enrich the lives of our students.

Jazz   – Jazz is a style of dance that finds its roots in Ballet, but was enhanced by musical trends, social dances, and the popularization of dance through movies and musicals. It can be percussive with intricate rhythm patterns or fluid with emotional intensity. These classes place an emphasis on isolating body parts, increased flexibility, and exhibition of individual personality.

Hip Hop  – Get pumped up in Hip Hop learning the hottest new dance moves from your favorite Hip Hop, R&B & Pop music film clips and original choreography. Hip Hop encompasses movement that has elements of poppin’, locking, and breaking as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. This class includes a basic technique warm-up, basic Hip Hop moves, steps that travel across the floor, and combinations. While no previous training is required, classes will use basic body isolations found in other technique classes.

Tap  – Tap is an exciting rhythmic exercise and dance form which is enjoyable to both kids and adults. Rooted in African-American History, tap offers a variety of styles and techniques. Students will realize results in dance movement after a minimum of classes. This class will stress the basics of Tap and build into combinations which are great to watch and delightful to hear.

Lyrical – Lyrical dance is a dance style that blends ballet and jazz dance. Lyrical is generally smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as jazz. A lyrical dancer uses movement to express strong emotions such as love, joy and anger.


 Q. What is the dress code and shoe requirements for each class?

We feel a dress code is very important, as it creates a better dance environment; therefore, the dress code will be enforced. 

Ballet –  For ages 3-4 girls can wear any color leotard and pink or tan tights (tutus and skirts are always allowed). Hair needs to be pulled back in a neat ponytail. For ages 5 and up we require a black leotard and pink tights. Skirts, shorts and pants are not allowed in ballet class. Hair must be pulled back in a neat bun.

Jazz – For ages 5 and up girls must wear a black leotard and tan tights. Jazz shorts are allowed. Hair must be be pulled back in a neat ponytail.

Tap- For ages 3-4 girls can wear any color leotard and pink or tan tights (tutus and skirts are always allowed). Hair must be pulled back in a neat ponytail. For ages 5 and up we require a black leotard and tan tights.

Lyrical- For ages 7 and up we require a black leotard and tan stirrup tights. Jazz shorts are allowed. Skirts and pants are not allowed. Hair must be pulled back in a neat ponytail.

Hip Hop – For ages 4 and up wear comfortable clothes, sweatpants, t-shirts ect…are acceptable. Shorts are not allowed. Knee pads are optional, but not required. Hair should be pulled back in a neat pony tail.

Turns, Leaps & Stretch- For ages 6 and up girls must wear a black leotard and tan tights. Jazz shorts are allowed. Hair must be pulled back in a neat ponytail.

Boys Dress Code- For all boys they are to wear a plain white or black t-shirt or tank top, black dance or sweatpants. Please see above for additional hip-hop requirements.

Shoe Requirements:

Please only buy your shoes from a dance apparel store. Do not buy them at retail stores, such as Payless, Wal-Mart or Target. Only the shoes below will be allowed in recitals. 

Ballet – 5 & up: Bloch split sole leather pink ballet shoes. Under 5: Bloch full sole leather pink ballet shoes.

Jazz – So Danca JZ45

Tap- For preschool Capezio white pre-tap shoe (with elastic, no laces or ribbon). For Level 1 & 2 Capezio Tan Mary Jane’s. For Level 3,  4 & 5 Capezio CG09 Black tap shoes.

Lyrical- Foot Undies & Turners are allowed, but no required. Dancers will be barefoot for recital numbers.

Hip Hop – For classes dancer’s can wear a tennis shoe that is worn only for dance. For recital  for preschool dancers black combat boots will be required. Must be completely black! For ages 5 & up Gia Mia Black Sequined Combat boot style GSs3 in black.

Boys – Black ballet shoes, black jazz shoes and black hip-hop tennis shoes or combat boots.


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