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2020 Fitness Challenge

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by American Allstars

Let’s rock our 2020 fitness Goals together!!

As classes start back up in the New Year we here at American Allstars hope to help kids and parents alike with the popular new years resolution of working out to be healthier and stronger in 2020. Our fitness challenge is designed to make movement fun and create a love for being active that carries over even after the first few weeks of the year.

From January 6th – 18th students are asked to complete the exercises listed on their fitness challenge worksheets (links below.) When they finish each day, please initial in the appropriate “day” box. Once they get all the boxes initialed they can turn in their sheet to the front desk. All students who complete the Fitness Challenge will receive a special certificate for their wonderful achievement.  Please return by the end of January 2020

High Flyers, Hot Shots, Starlights, Starbrights, Starburst/Miniburst, Superstars, Boys Maverick 1 & 2 (7-12yrs) & All Levels of Tumbling

Gym 1 Students Fitness challenge sheet (6 & up)

Gym 1 Fitness Challenge YouTube video

Mini Stars, Hoppers 1, Hoppers 2, Little Twisters, Mavericks 5-7 yrs

Gym 2 Students Fitness challenge sheets (2-6yrs)

Gym 2 Fitness YouTube video


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